среда, 11 июня 2014 г.

Just some thoughts

     1. Persistent connections in php redis just not work. Don't waste your time on it. Its not worth. Today we met another bug related with persistent connections to Redis - so we have to turn it off. No matter how expensive it is. 
       2. Gmail is awesome.  Once amount of emails in your inbox brought limit of several hundreds per day - you have to learn "shortcut kung-fu". Its saves a lot of time. 
       3. Once we start use Redis at production, I realise how fast was memcache. Before this I just know - "yes, memcache is fast".... now I can compare memcache with other in memory storage systems, and yes - memcache is fastest engine I've even seen. Yes, Redis performance can be close to memcache one - just few times slowly then memcache. But Redis consume much more CPU. If you run Redis on the same server with PHP-FPM, you should use CPU affinity and renice(8). It help us stabilise  Redis latency. 
      4. If you use Percona server - you must set innodb_adaptive_hash_index_partitions=64, it greatly improve  our performance.
          5. I've tried new version of cloud.percona.com and I would like to say - its really nice. Of course some features still missed, some amount of bugs exists - but this tool help me a lot during last few weeks. I can recommend you to give it a try.